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History Factory turns 40

Leading the Authentic Content Revolution

Since 1979

Greetings, All:

Well, History Factory made it to 40. I marvel at how far we’ve come since Tom West and I founded this company, originally called Informative Design Group, in December 1979. And I’m really excited about how far we can still go. But most of all, I’m gratified that we stubbornly remain true to our founding vision—notwithstanding considerable organizational change—that heritage and authentic content have their rightful place within the strategic toolset of the world’s most competitive organizations. We’ve always felt that if we can’t make it useful, it could be lost forever.

I’d like to thank the staff who volunteered to serve on our 40th anniversary committee. They’ve invested their time and abundant creativity to develop a yearlong program calendar that meaningfully celebrates History Factory’s history, communities, clients and future. I’d also like to thank the leadership team for providing the support and resources to make it happen. I hope you’ll visit this anniversary portal throughout the year to join the celebration.

I am indebted to the generations of loyal clients, staff, vendors and strategic partners who have helped make our vision a reality. In four short decades, we have captured, preserved, shared and celebrated thousands of years of content and memories. Mission accomplished, my friends. Along the way, it’s been a heck of a lot of fun. It’s my intention to keep it that way.

Let History Factory’s 40th anniversary begin!


Bruce Weindruch

(Proud) Founder & CEO

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