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Stanley Black & Decker

Authentic Content Solves the Puzzle for a Brand Pursuing an Anniversary Message

Over the past 15 years, Stanley Tools has consolidated the hardware industry by making more than 100 acquisitions. Iconic brands including Black & Decker, DeWalt, Craftsman, Irwin and Facom are all part of the company now known as Stanley Black & Decker (SBD). The company was working to align its global workforce and operations and had recently crafted a statement of purpose: “For Those Who Make the World.” Against this backdrop, the company’s 175th anniversary was quickly approaching. How could Stanley Black & Decker align the milestone with its new purpose and make it relevant to the entire enterprise? 

After interviewing a cross section of global Stanley Black & Decker executives, History Factory recommended marrying its anniversary messaging with the SBD purpose initiative to create: “For Those Who Make the World. Since 1843.” This approach successfully connected Stanley Black and Decker’s purpose and history. To reinforce Stanley’s commitment to these priorities since 1843, we focused on the organization’s three pillars of innovation, performance and social responsibility. Backed by extensive historical research, these pillars came to life as storylines with a wide range of authentic content for use in external and internal programs. One of the highlights of the campaign was the discovery of STANLO, a children’s toy developed and marketed by Stanley during the Great Depression, when home construction slumped and the company needed a revenue stream. The STANLO story, uncovered by History Factory researchers, was a seminal part of the 175th—a demonstration of how the company lived its purpose in the past.

Stanley Black & Decker’s 175th anniversary was a hugely successful program. Employees across brands engaged with the legacy brand and cultivated a better understanding of the company’s history. “We appreciate all the guiding work you and your team did with us,” Stanley’s chief communications officer said. “It was foundational for everything that we pulled together and really grounded us appropriately in the history—the performance, CSR and innovation aspects about our past and founder being what guides us in our purpose and our future.”