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At 4.2 million square feet, the new headquarters of USAA would be larger than the Pentagon, reflecting the growth of the organization and the vast scale of its services to members of the military and their families. The building’s designers had envisioned a History Hall that would illustrate and reinforce the identity of USAA, but the massive facility also cried out for a larger-scale communications program.

Already partnering with History Factory on other projects, including new branding, leadership transition, archives and books, USAA engaged History Factory to bring its headquarters and heritage to life.

History Factory conceptualized a comprehensive program that would connect USAA’s past to its present, incorporate USAA’s core values and mission statement, and showcase the service to and of its members throughout the headquarters. The large scale of the project enabled multiple stories to be told in different locations within the facility. Two- and three-dimensional exhibits featuring major narratives and intimate vignettes were installed, as well as interactive kiosks to further engage visitors and staff with facts, video and still imagery. Even the scale of the structures fit the scale of the headquarters, with one reaching two stories high.

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