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Whirlpool Bringing History To Life

Bringing History to Life: Whirlpool’s Dynamic Approach to Corporate Heritage

Whirlpool Corporation and History Factory joined forces with a singular mission in mind: to breathe life into Whirlpool’s corporate history in a captivating and educational manner. The goal was clear—to transform Whirlpool’s rich heritage into an engaging learning experience that would not only entertain but also encourage exploration.

By leveraging History Factory’s expertise in storytelling and narrative history, Whirlpool aimed to create a digital platform that would resonate with audiences, instill pride in its legacy of innovation and foster a deeper understanding of its enduring values. Through this collaboration, Whirlpool sought to provide visitors with an immersive journey through its history, sparking curiosity and igniting a passion for exploration.

Embarking on a Journey Through Time

In 1911, Whirlpool Corporation’s founder, Lou Upton, set out to revolutionize home life. His groundbreaking electric washer sparked a legacy of innovation and a dedicated mission to enhance the home environment. Through the years, Whirlpool has embraced change, continuously evolving its appliances to meet consumers’ evolving needs and desires. As societal attitudes and aspirations shift, Whirlpool remains adaptable, ensuring that its products reflect the changing landscape of modern life.

The Whirlpool Digital Experience

Taking an innovative and engaging approach to showcasing Whirlpool’s rich history, History Factory created an interactive timeline for the company’s website. Its design, integrated and layered with visuals and historical substance, draws visitors in and invites them to explore Whirlpool’s journey in a way that evokes the nostalgic and memorable style of times past. By engaging users directly, the timeline transforms the traditional concept of corporate history into a dynamic and immersive experience.

With a wide variety of stories to dive into and a design inspired by Whirlpool’s iconic products, the timeline captures the brand’s essence in a way that encourages further interaction. Its dial design, taken directly from Whirlpool products, adds to the digital experience’s fun and playful feel, taking a refreshing and entertaining approach to corporate storytelling that entices visitors to delve deeper into its offerings.

Driving Engagement and Brand Perception

Through its use of immersive storytelling and interactive features, Whirlpool’s innovative digital experience captivates visitors, reinforcing the company’s image as a forward-thinking industry leader and driving engagement and brand perception.

  • User engagement: The timeline’s interactive and engaging design encourages visitors to explore the website further, leading to longer session durations and more page views.
  • Brand perception: The visually appealing, immersive experience strengthens Whirlpool’s image as an innovative customer-focused brand.
  • Expanded reach: Accessibility features enable the timeline to reach a broader audience, increasing Whirlpool’s online presence and potential customer base.
  • Positive feedback: Favorable responses from visitors, customers and industry experts validate the web experience’s effectiveness in meeting user expectations and achieving its objectives.

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