Use Your Brand Heritage to Spark Innovation

Image from MillerCoors In the never-ending battle to win new customers and inspire brand loyalists, companies are investing millions of dollars in innovation initiatives to generate engagement and accelerate growth. They build substantial R&D capabilities, introduce new products and line extensions, engage agencies to reposition their brands and launch clever marketing programs. Too many companies,…

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The History of PR in Chicago: Corporations, Agencies and the People Who Shaped It

Last week I had the honor of participating in a fascinating discussion about the history of public relations in Chicago, moderated by my good friend Ron Culp from DePaul University. More than 50 senior leaders of the Public Relations Society of America gathered at the historic Women’s Athletic Club of Chicago on Michigan Avenue. When discussing history,…

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Brooks Brothers’ Rich Heritage Dazzles in ‘Gatsby’

All organizations at one point or another will encounter a unique chance to leverage their heritage. Whatever form that takes—a strategic partnership, a political or social reason, or an internal opportunity—companies should be prepared for it. But they don’t often have the resources to capitalize on the opportunity. And when that happens, a better-equipped competitor…

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