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Back to the Future Has Important Meaning in Business

May 19, 2016 • History Factory

This is a photograph of the book Start With the Future and Work Back: A Heritage Management Manifesto.“The millennial generation is one that really appreciates and values authenticity, originality and meaning, so a lot of marketers are using history to reach them. ”

Thats what Bruce Weindruch told [email protected] host Dan Loney earlier this week when talking about his new book Start With the Future and Work Back: A Heritage Management Manifesto.

Hear what organizations are doing today to get to tomorrow and how The History Factory is helping them leverage their corporate heritage to achieve future goals.

Full interview below.


[email protected] is a daily, call-in business interview program broadcasting live from University of Pennsylvania’s The Wharton School, Monday through Friday 10a-12p, EST on SiriusXM channel 111.

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