Companies move into new offices for myriad reasons. Maybe the lease ended, or the company has been planning an upgrade, or it no longer fits in its current space because it grew faster than anticipated or went through a period of consolidation.

Regardless of why you’re moving, you still need to safeguard your historical assets—artifacts, documents, images and other items. This rich base of materials is a great source of authentic content—content that is uniquely yours and tells the story of your organization. Whether you have a formal archives or simply a collection of memorabilia, we’ve got important tips on how you can move and store your assets safely.

In our Guide to Moving Your Heritage Assets, we examine each step of the moving process and discuss pitfalls and other important aspects of moving: identifying and designing a new space with archival standards; appraising, inventorying and packing your collection; and choosing a moving company and making the move itself. Our guide addresses the best way to approach moving both physical and digital archives and assets.

If your company has a move coming up, give it a read and let us know if there’s anything that we can do to help.

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