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How S&P Global used a people-first mindset to re-prioritize in 2020

January 25, 2021 • History Factory

In the months before COVID-19 shut down the world economy and halted international travel, leading global market intelligence and financial insights firm S&P Global hired History Factory to develop a new global recruitment site. When the pandemic disrupted initial plans for a professionally filmed suite of recruitment testimonials, S&P Global and History Factory quickly adapted their approach, asking employees to record and submit their own stories through a new Remote Story Capture initiative.

We asked John Haffey, History Factory’s account manager for S&P Global, to share his thoughts on the project.

John Haffey: After partnering with S&P Global’s people team to develop a unique employee value proposition aimed at attracting and retaining talent, we were well positioned to help solve the firm’s biggest recruiting pain point: an outdated and uninspiring careers page. We built a deep understanding of the company’s culture and history, leveraging it to map out a bespoke, best-in-class website.

Then the pandemic happened. Without skipping a beat, we worked to craft a website that was as beautiful as it was functional—designed around authentic photos, testimonials and quotes describing what it’s like to work at S&P Global from the people who do. The challenge was figuring out a way to capture these stories and assets without ever setting foot on a plane or meeting anyone face to face. Through some creative engineering, logistical strategizing and smartphone magic, we were able to source thousands of original video clips, photos and testimonials, bringing the website to life in a way that seemed impossible last spring.

The results were a resounding success, based on both internal reception of the site and external metrics. Human Resource Executive magazine recently wrote about the project, featuring an interview with S&P Global Chief People Officer Dimitra Manis. And two of our creative leads gave a separate interview that includes more about the process for History Factory’s Remote Story Capture program. It was a rewarding project with great results, leading to a dynamic new tool for telling our clients’ stories.

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