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We’re back with a year-end episode of History Factory Plugged In. This week, host Jason Dressel chats with Sara Eagin, History Factory’s senior curator—and creator of the popular Sara’s Friday Email—about some of the most impactful stories of 2020, as well as some holiday potpourri. To learn more about the topics discussed in the podcast, find links and show notes below, and sign up for future Friday Emails here.

Company history comes alive with History Factory Plugged In. We look at the rich heritage of major organizations in this thought-provoking podcast. If you have questions, comments or ideas to share, please email us at [email protected].

Show Notes:

COVID-19 Corporate Memory Project Links

COVID-19 Corporate Memory Project Site

COVID-19 Corporate Memory Project Timeline

Outbreak and Early Pandemic

How Historians Will Look Back at 2020

Oral Histories of the Day Everything Changed

Product Shortages: Toilet Paper and Pelotons

Companies Pledging to Avoid Job Cuts

M&Ms Donates Candy to Medical Workers

New Balance Converts to Making Masks (plus BONUS Podcast Episode with COO of New Balance)

Starbucks Donates to Food Banks

Changes in Behaviors and Consumer Adaptations

The Rise of the DriveThru

Companies Reassess HQs

Reinventing Beauty Marketing and E-comm

The Meteoric Rise of Zoom

Documenting the Recovery

Rental Cars Rebound

The RV Industry Surprises Everyone

Hershey Beats Forecasts with Halloween Playbook

The Will They/Wont They Question for Movie Theaters

Airbnb Rents 1 Million Properties in One Day

Holiday Links from Sara’s Friday Email

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Why Charles Dickens Wrote A Christmas Carol

History of “Charlie Brown Christmas”

The World’s First Christmas Card Goes to Auction (Plus its Scandalous History)

The Hallmark Art Collection

PNC’s 12 Days of Christmas Price Index

The History of NORAD’s Santa Tracker

Alaska Airlines Ugly Sweater Upgrades

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