In this four-part series, we will explore methods for leveraging authentic content and communicating the value of a corporate archives. Part One (Corporate Archives: A Formula for Success) introduces a formula to help define and articulate archival ROI, with Parts Two and Three dedicated to discussing the components of the ROI equation in more detail. The series concludes with The Future of Corporate Archives: A Formula for Success in a Changing Landscape—looking at the future of corporate archives through the exploration of new technology, approaches and emerging trends.


Developing and maintaining a successful and effective corporate archives requires communication and engagement with a range of internal stakeholders. Securing and sustaining the resources necessary for initial setup and ongoing preservation should include a robust cost-benefit analysis and supporting information. Archives are often relegated to the basement— literally and metaphorically. With such a limited presence within an organization, archives can remain underdeveloped, underutilized and largely unknown to the greater corporation. Such an archives can quickly become the focus of financial scrutiny—seen as drawing significantly on resources and providing very little in return.

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