Whether you’re knee-deep in the search for an archives solution for your company’s anniversary or you’re an aspiring archivist yourself, you should know which way the future of archives is heading. But knowing where you’re going makes a lot more sense when you see how you got there.

In this white paper, we talk about how the world of archives has evolved over the last 40-plus years we’ve been in business, what the future of archives looks like, and what aspects will never change. (Spoiler alert: We don’t think robots will be replacing human archivists anytime soon. Humans are too smart.)

You’ll learn:
Why the big bang of content complicated things

  • How to avoid digital hoarding, making the most out of your archives
  • What’s on the horizon for digital and analog archival systems
  • Why metadata and artificial intelligence make for a richer archives program
  • … and more

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