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Guide to Corporate Storytelling

July 29, 2021 • History Factory

Corporate storytelling now, with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, has become incredibly important as organizations work to instill calm and showcase a track record of reliability in uncertain times. Storytelling is at the heart of everything that corporate marketers and communicators do, and it has been a cornerstone of History Factory’s business for more than 40 years. As CEO Bruce Weindruch states in his book, Start with the Future and Work Back: A Heritage Management Manifesto,“History is an interpretive process. It isn’t carved in stone. The facts and names and dates stay the same, but the stories them­selves should be continually reinterpreted and told in ways that keep them relevant.”

That is our charge at History Factory—to help our clients understand their past and to pull stories forward that can be used in myriad ways to achieve goals for the future. The stories that we uncover today can help push organizations forward to flourish tomorrow. We put the story in history.

In this guide to corporate storytelling, we’ll examine the benefits of storytelling, considerations for good storytelling, tools that can help you tell a story effectively, and, finally, storytelling in action.

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