We understand that it’s not just what you do that counts. It’s how well you do it. We use a growing set of methodologies and resources in our heritage management toolkit to deliver the highest-quality products and services.

As the authentic content agency, we provide the same thoughtful, proactive counsel that you’ve learned to expect from world-class advisors.

The Value of Authentic Content

We start with the future and work back for a better journey and better results. We provide the thoughtful, proactive counsel that you’ve learned to expect from world-class advisors. Our process begins with helping clients fully realize and articulate their vision for a heritage project, and then align program elements around it. We’re pleased to say that, in some cases, our approach has results in award-winning creative solutions.

The discipline that grew out of our consulting, technological and library sciences backgrounds sets The History Factory apart.

We may not aspire to the fiction writer’s goal of creating the “vivid and continuous dream,” but we can still aspire to cast reality with substance and authenticity.


A successful organization has been through the ups and downs and dramatic upheaval of any brave hero of stage or screen. A great story should lead an audience to the most compelling question of all: “What happens next?” We tell an organization’s story following the classical storytelling techniques of Homer, Shakespeare—and even the latest Hollywood blockbuster. Our StoryARC™ methodology results in a narrative of your organization that is not only informative but also genuinely entertaining.

Our clients want results on time, on budget, without delay or confusion. We understand that it's not just what you do that counts. It's how well you do it.

Talk to one of our clients and you’ll hear not only what we’ve done for them but we have a process for getting it done.


Where do you even start? We get that question a lot. Big organizations come to us all the time, overwhelmed by the amount of information. All of those milestones, innovations, acquisitions, the years, the locations and the people add up to a lot of stuff. Over the years, we’ve developed a research methodology and standard that we believe to be unparalleled. You never know what you’re going to find, but it’s easier when you know how to look for it.

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