Start With the Future and Work Back

A Heritage Management Manifesto

Start With the Future and Work Back


About the Book

Start With the Future and Work Back: A Heritage Management Manifesto provides a founder’s view into the Heritage Management industry from the perspective of its founder, Bruce Weindruch. The book tells stories about ways in which leading global organizations are leveraging their heritage assets to advance their business agendas, raise brand awareness, engage and inspire employees, and spark growth. Start With the Future and Work Back makes a case for applying heritage management as a strategic discipline that enables organizations to differentiate themselves, drive growth and remain relevant in an increasingly competitive global economy.

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“The History Factory worked closely with our team to deliver a 25th corporate anniversary program for us that was a resounding success in both execution and employee engagement. Overall employee engagement scores rose significantly, with 88 percent of employees reporting that the anniversary captured the spark and spirit that existed at Discover’s inception.”

Kathryn Beiser, formerly VP Corporate Communications, Discover Financial Service

“I am a believer in the premise that truly knowing about the past history of your company can help build a stronger organization in the future. In this book, you’ll learn about the power of great storytelling, the surprisingly forward-looking nature of archives, and the many formats and channels through which your organization’s history can be creatively and effectively communicated.”

Ron Culp, Consultant and Professional Director
Graduate Program in Advertising and Public Relations, DePaul University

“I have always believed in the importance of history as a competitive advantage for the future.  The History Factory  helps leverage heritage for corporate vision and mission;  storytelling; archive management; employee engagement. This book provides the creative and strategic proof.”

Al Golin, Chairman and Founder of Golin

About the Author

Bruce Weindruch, the History Factory’s founder and CEO, launched the field of Heritage Management nearly 40 years ago.   His unique background, blending history and business, has given him the expertise to help major corporations, nonprofits and associations leverage their organizational heritage to benefit their bottom line.  Bruce is a frequent featured speaker at corporate meetings and academic institutions.

Bruce received his BA degree in American civilization from Grinnell College and attended the George Washington University/Smithsonian Affiliation PhD. program. Prior to founding The History Factory in 1979, he was a staff member at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, a Smithsonian Associates faculty member and a director of the Museum Education Roundtable.

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