New Report: The Succession Trap

How the C-suite thinks about leadership transitions and why it's wrong

History proves that leadership transitions are one of the most challenging and delicate moments in an organization’s life cycle. Yet few leadership teams actually have leadership transition plans in place, despite an overwhelming majority of C-suite executives agreeing that they are important. Chief executive and other C-suite transitions have resumed their pre-pandemic levels, and, for many companies, the stakes have never been higher.

This is among the key findings of History Factory’s new report based on insights from a survey of 160 C-suite executives, including 50 founders and CEOs. The survey draws into focus how executives think about and execute succession planning. In particular, the report shares:

  • Four key reasons why succession planning is so difficult
  • How executives define leadership transition success
  • How executives view the transfer of organizational history and institutional memory
  • What legacy means to outgoing leaders and its implications for their successors
  • Case studies of leadership transitions: some that worked, some that didn’t, and why
  • Five key requirements for a successful leadership transition

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The Succession Trap

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