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Bring Your History to Life

History Factory gives you more options to discover and distribute the authentic content that tells your one-of-a-kind story.

From creating corporate anniversary programs to archiving and accessing decades’ worth of company assets, History Factory helps you get a handle on your heritage and shows you how to put it to work building your brand or organization.

What Our Clients Say

Vice President of Special Projects

Pete Abitante

“History Factory has been involved with the NFL from the start of planning its 100th season, and played such an important role in shaping its approach and formalizing our thinking. As the 100th season comes to life, I hope History Factory understands and appreciates, with some satisfaction, the key role it played in getting this off the ground.”
Director of Strategic Communications

Carrie Johnson

“History Factory played a vital role in helping Graybar plan and implement an anniversary celebration that honored our past and fueled excitement for the future. We are so grateful for the guidance and support provided by History Factory, which helped us grow our business, achieve community service and giving goals, elevate Graybar’s brand, and tell our story in a fresh and compelling way throughout the year.”

Director of Communications and Content

Laurel Nelson‑Rowe

“I want to thank the entire History Factory team for your creativity, diligence, inspiration and expertise, from our first meeting through asset transition. Together, we developed authentic stories, tools, resources, a theme, materials and inspiration that ISACA never had before but will use and treasure.” 

Retired CEO

Ivan Seidenberg

“The word that I picked up from you that really resonates with me is storytelling. Your ability to tell stories and all the things that go underneath that.”

Senior Product Manager

Maria Yap

“What I have learned from our work with History Factory is that our brand is so much more powerful when we can connect it to our history.”

Manager, Communications & Brand History

McCaulley Adams

“You all have been wonderful partners and stellar caretakers of some of our most precious items for nearly two decades.”

Chief Communications Officer

Shannon LaPierre

“We appreciate all the guiding work you and your team did with us. It was foundational for everything that we pulled together.”

Senior Executive Vice President

Jim Dunlap

“Our leadership team and CEO are engaged, excited and already using insights in a range of communications.”

Chairman of the Board

H. Daniel McCollister

“History Factory’s attention to detail, patience and hard work are evident in the finished product, and I know our agents, customers and Home Office associates will enjoy the space for many years to come.”

Corporate Anniversaries & Milestones

Celebrate Your Achievements

Celebrating a corporate milestone is often a highly visible, pressure-packed project. From concept to completion, History Factory can help you produce something special. Many of our clients have discovered that milestone celebrations become a springboard for telling their story across a number of channels, typically lasting a year or longer.

More About Corporate Anniversaries & Milestones


Global Anniversary Campaign Rallies Team Around Founder's Values

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Exhibits & Experiences

Make Your Message Immersive

History Factory employs designers and curators who are at the forefront of interactive technology, augmented and virtual reality, and other state-of-the-art tools.

More About Exhibits & Experiences


Storytelling Helps Global Firm Transcend its M&A Past

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Get the Word Out

In terms of detail and authority, publications simply have no rival. From brochures to in-depth e-books as well as printed works of all shapes and sizes, History Factory has produced award-winning publications for more than 40 years.

More About Publications

Verizon Untethered

Publication Chronicles Innovation and Disruption at Verizon

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Archival Services

Smarter Memory Management

You have decades’ worth of corporate and brand materials. And questions about what to do with it. We have more experience than anyone in providing the answers. In fact, no one meets the ROI requirements of archives like History Factory. From archival consulting, management, research and storage to creating invaluable oral histories capturing unwritten corporate lore, History Factory has no peer in putting your heritage to work.

More About Archival Services

New Balance

Improving Balance for a 100-Year-Old Company

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Harness Your History Online

History Factory is the leader in bringing the important story of your legacy into today’s conversations using the latest digital technology. Mobile apps, social media, websites, e-books, customized digital solutions—History Factory brings your story to the widest range of audiences and influencers possible across multiple platforms.

More About Digital

Pacific Life

Anniversary Website Connects with Financial Advisers, Partners & Employees

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Videos & Storytelling

And ... Action!

The art of storytelling through words and pictures has no equal for capturing the excitement and importance of your accomplishments and vision. Need a short piece for social media? Want a video, poster, or digital banner that creates buzz for a presentation? Looking for a feature-length documentary to motivate internal and external audiences? We have the experience and expertise across all platforms to make your story exciting and engaging.

More About Videos & Storytelling

Adobe Photoshop

Candid Snapshots of an Iconic Brand Energize Social Media

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Employee Communications

Invest in Your Most Valuable Assets

For decades, History Factory has been developing programs and communications that explain and amplify corporate history and culture to employees. These efforts can help companies go through major changes without losing their true character. History Factory has helped some of the world’s best-known companies measurably improve employee motivation and engagement by developing on-boarding materials, providing relevant historical anecdotes for sales presentations, creating collaborative team-building exercises, and teaching techniques to improve a team’s storytelling skills.

More About Employee Communications

Stanley Black & Decker

Great Depression-Inspired Initiative Unites Company Cultures Under One Purpose

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Customer Engagement

Create Connections that Last

The programs History Factory develops encourage customers to interact with your company or brand and tell a story customers are willing to believe in. This unique content can be used to create customer interaction across many channels such as social and conventional media, events and experiences, email, banner ads and websites, publications, videos, and broadcast media. Harnessing your heritage is a proven way to acquire new customers and to turn existing patrons into advocates.

More About Customer Engagement

Lockheed Martin

Content Campaign Fires Up Aerospace Giant

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