History Factory, the brand heritage and archives management company, launched History Factory AMS, the first and only software solution that combines cutting-edge archival collection management with best-in-class digital asset management (DAM). Built on top of Brandfolder™ by Smartsheet™, History Factory AMS is the only archive management platform that allows the whole enterprise to collect and access physical and digital assets alike with a single interface. Faster and easier access to your collection increases an archive’s utilization and value across the enterprise, resulting in faster ROI.

History Factory built History Factory AMS for its current clients and other companies who value their history and aspire to use their archives to inform strategy, brand positioning, marketing, and communications that drive measurable results. Several current clients – leading telecom, business services, automotive and CPG brands – are already using the platform.

“The ability for managers of corporate archives and users across the enterprise to collect, access and share assets in a broad and growing range of formats is critical for a 21st century company’s archives program,” said Jason Dressel, History Factory CEO. “History Factory AMS meets that need with a game-changing application informed by a heritage of technology solutions that we’ve been developing since the 1980s.”

In December 2021, History Factory commissioned an online survey of 155 archivists, archive users and budget and tech decision makers. Participants agreed that archiving is a high priority for leadership and employees within their organizations. Seven in 10 organizations surveyed say that they have a software solution for archiving, but 40% of these respondents say that their solution falls short. Among the reasons: Only 15% of organizations surveyed say that archived material is very easy to access. Overwhelmingly, organizations are managing physical and digital archives separately.

“Clients are already seeing value in History Factory AMS’ simple interface and robust functionality, and in the ability to collect and retrieve archival materials far more efficiently,” said Alan Maites, History Factory’s Chief Solutions Officer who led the product team that developed History Factory AMS. “History Factory AMS is increasing the value of our clients’ archive programs and filling an important gap in their tech stacks with a robust SaaS solution built specifically for large enterprises.”

By tapping into Brandfolder’s API, History Factory AMS is the only hybrid DAM-powered archival system that allows users across the enterprise – from marketing and PR to human resources, R&D, legal and sales – to collect, search, access and share physical and digital assets within the same secure interface.

“History Factory’s decision to build its archive management system on Brandfolder is a testament to the power and extensibility of our platform,” said Jeff Burak, Director of Strategic Partners & Resellers at Smartsheet. “By combining History Factory’s archival expertise with Smartsheet’s industry-leading DAM solution, customers now have a unique and powerful way to preserve the important history on which      their organizations were built.”

More information, including a fact sheet and link to a demo, is available here.

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