Over the last few months, we’ve waxed lyrical about the importance of your company’s archives and our multipronged approach to building a comprehensive archival program that can be used to fuel important storytelling initiatives. We’ve talked about the importance of upgrading your tech stack to History Factory AMS—the newest and best archival management software on the market today. We’ve also talked about how archival professionals can help maximize the ROI of your archival program. But that’s a lot of information—especially if your organization doesn’t have a robust archival program, or is just learning what the word “archives” means.

The good news is that History Factory is ready to meet you wherever you are on your corporate archives journey. We’re excited to announce the History Factory AMS Quick Start Program, a new offering designed to take the stress and uncertainty out of creating an archival program from scratch.

What Is the History Factory AMS Quick Start Program?

The History Factory AMS Quick Start Program is a new program to help your company embark upon its archival journey. Not only do you get History Factory AMS, our best-in-class and easy-to-use archival collection SaaS, but History Factory’s team of leading industry experts will also work directly with your organization to intake, process and enrich your digital archival assets and make them usable for your organization.

Based on discussions with you and your team, we’ll help establish your archival goals, determine what assets your company should preserve, and organize and catalog a starter set of assets using professional archival methods and standards. We’ll also upload those cataloged assets to a History Factory AMS online archive for safe storage and easy searching and sharing.

In doing so, we’ll create a strong foundation for your organization’s archival collections to help ensure that your important historical assets are not lost to the digital black hole.

What Do I Get With the History Factory AMS Quick Start Program?

With the AMS Quick Start Program, you’ll get a strong foundation for your organization’s archival program. Included as part of the program are:

A one-year subscription to History Factory AMS for unlimited users from your company

  • A preliminary collection policy to guide your archival strategy
  • Processing of and access to 500 digitized assets within 90 days of program launch
  •  Additional processing of and access to 1,000 digital assets in your first year
  • Basic taxonomy, including metadata enrichment of assets to make them searchable

Benefits of the History Factory AMS Quick Start Program

The History Factory AMS Quick Start Program provides your organization with the following benefits:

Use of and access to the only purpose-built platform that gives you the best of DAM and archival management systems

  • A jump-start on a robust corporate archives program
  • File searchability for your whole organization
  • Access to support from professionally trained and accredited archivists with unmatched experience in the corporate segment
  • The fastest way to realize ROI on your archives through quick and unfettered access to your materials for a variety of uses

The Bottom Line

Whether your organization is just starting a formal archives or wants to add value to its existing collections program, it can benefit from the History Factory AMS Quick Start Program.

Act now to receive processing services for 1,500 digital assets included for free until July 31. Additional introductory limited-time offers include three months free with a one-year subscription or six months free with a three-year subscription.

If you have questions about the program, don’t hesitate to reach out. Schedule some time to chat about your organization’s specific archival needs and how we might be able to help.

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