New Report: Perils of the Past

What Companies Should Know About Their Histories—And How to Manage Them

Issues related to racial or sexual discrimination, environmental missteps or financial improprieties in a company's past pose a threat to brand reputation and more. We have seen this scenario increasingly play out in 2020 with companies discontinuing long-established brands.

How prepared is your company to deal with these issues? What do your organization’s executives, shareholders, and consumers think about these issues and what responses will alleviate the situation should it arise?

History Factory’s new report and infographic, “Perils of the Past” delves into and answers these questions and more. For instance:
  • Nearly one-third of institutional investors would dismiss an investment outright if the brand’s reputation damaged its equity.
  • 60% of consumers would stop using and never consider returning to products from a company with a problematic past—and just ten percent said it was very likely that the brand would regain their trust.
  • Only 26% of c-suite executives say they are very prepared to address issues in their company’s past that might conflict with today’s ethics and standards.

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