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This week on “History Factory Plugged In,” host Jason Dressel talks with Dr. Sarah Federman, Ph.D., about how companies can grapple with past actions that may be inconsistent with today’s ethics and standards. We examine the subject both through a historical lens and with regard to how the implications often play out in real time.Sarah Federman is an author, educator, and conflict resolution practitioner who unites business savvy with peacebuilding wisdom. She has been published in many journals, including a recent article in the Harvard Business Review titled, “How Companies Can Address Their Historical Transgressions.”

History Factory’s Perils of the Past looks at perceptions among consumers, executives and investors about possible transgressions in a company’s past. Download today for more information.

Company history comes alive with “History Factory Plugged In.” We explore the rich heritage of major organizations in this thought-provoking podcast. If you have questions, comments or ideas to share, please email us at .

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